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Locks & Legislation

Fire Safety Door Lock Guidelines: An Academic Guide


Fire safety door locks are an important part of securing your home or business from the threats of fire. They are designed to prevent the spread of a fire by providing a barrier to help contain the flames. Following these guidelines can help ensure that your fire safety door locks will provide the protection you need.

• Install fire safety door locks in accordance with the local fire code. Consult your local fire safety official for specific requirements.
• Test your fire safety door locks regularly to make sure they are functioning properly.
• Replace any fire safety door locks that show signs of wear or damage.
• Train family members, employees, and other individuals on the use of the fire safety door locks.
• Inspect the entire door assembly, including the frame, hinges, and locks, for any signs of wear or damage.
• Follow manufacturers’ instructions when installing or repairing fire door locks.
• Make sure all fire doors are closed and locked when not in use to help keep flames contained if a fire starts.