Best Advice for Individuals Applying for Disability Benefits

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Are you feeling anxious about your upcoming consultative evaluation? Let us guide you through expert tips to ease your worries and maximize your chances of success. From listing your medical history to navigating assistive devices and handling unforeseen challenges, our advice is your key to confidence. Discover why immediate medical attention is critical and how proper documentation can make or break your case. To learn how to prepare for your consultative exam, watch this short video.

How to Prepare for Social Security Disability Doctor Examination

Here is how to prepare for a SSDI doctor examination, often referred to as consultative evaluations. Normally, the Social Security Administration will send you a notice to see their doctor. To make this visit smoother and more effective, consider the following:

– Prepare a list of your disabilities. Also include the medications you take with their dosages. Forgetting important details could be detrimental.

– Bring your assistive devices. These can include your walkers, canes, or braces. Make sure the doctor observes you using them. This prevents misunderstandings about your mobility.

– Bring any medical records. If you have any medical records, bring them and offer them to the doctor for review. While they might decline, it’s worth providing the opportunity. Keep in mind that these exams are brief, so ensure it’s a day that accurately represents your condition.

– Be mindful of your actions. Be aware that they are supposed to observe you entering and exiting the office, so be mindful of your actions.

– Don’t refuse to attempt any task during the examination. If you can’t do something, try and let them see you struggle. Refusals may be misconstrued as uncooperativeness.

– In case you get hurt during the examination, don’t contact your lawyer. Seek immediate medical attention, whether by visiting the emergency room or calling your doctor. Documentation is crucial in Social Security Disability cases.

At the Good Law Group, we provide our clients with a questionnaire to ensure everything is properly documented during these examinations. If you need assistance with a Social Security disability case, please call us at (800) 419-7606.


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